“Social responsibility has always been at the core of my work. As designers we have the opportunity not only to do good, but to mobilize others to do good too.” -    Deva Pardue, For All Womankind Founder

Womens March 2019

This weekend marks the 3rd annual Women’s March bringing women, or better yet humanity, together to stand for equality. The continued aim of the march is to amplify voices to express to government that ‘women’s rights are human rights

Womens March 2019

There’s no better opportunity for you to feel confident in your voice and to support your individual worth. On Saturday, regardless if you are marching to end violence, to encourage unity, stand for love or fight for environmental justice, rise confidently alongside all the women and men marching for humanity.



Join the #WomensWave 

Find a Sisters March

Shush for Women’s Equality with 1@1


Special thanks to Deva Pardue, the founder of For All Womankind, for showing Alyned Together love and inspiring all women to stand for their rights. Head over to  For All Womankind and aid in their support of not-for-profit organizations working to advance women’s rights and equality.  Make sure to grab some Women’s March swag while you're their  ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿

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